Where the Healing Begins...

Our center provides mental health services to the families we serve utilizing a trauma-focused model. These services are available to any child forensically interviewed at our center, along with any non-offending family members to maintain a safe and child-friendly environment.

Individual Counseling

Our individual counseling services are available at no-cost to our child victims of abuse and their non-offending family members, including siblings and parents.  We use trauma-focused counseling and play therapy to meet the specific needs of our clients from a trauma-informed perspective. Our primary goal is to meet our clients wherever they are at in the healing process and walk with them every step of the way. 

Our therapy groups help to enhance the healing process by using trauma-focused interventions and activities in an engaging and exciting way.  The parent support groups help caregivers to develop a support system and share their stories with other families who have been through a similar experience. 

It’s important for people to come together during difficult and trying times to encourage one another and offer advice about the things they have learned along the way.

Group Counseling

We offer parent support and skills building sessions for non-offending caregivers of children who have been abused or traumatized. Children who have been through a traumatic experience often act out behaviorally and parents become reluctant to correct or discipline their child.  These children have a different set of needs and it is our job to come alongside these parents to support and normalize their feelings, but also teach them new skills on how to parent a traumatized child. 

Parent Support